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What Is Edge Computing And Why Is It Important?


With more and more data being collected and the amount of IoT devices increasing every day there is a need for services to be able to handle all of the information coming in. Typically IT operations have been centralized into a cloud based service where data was analyzed, interpreted, and interacted with. Now with so many IoT devices interacting with each other all at once there needs to be a better way of taking everything and understanding what is coming in. Edge computing may be here to save the day with this. It provides 4 pillars that will have major benefits with all of the data being collected and interpreted: security, speed, cost, and scalability. 


With so many more devices being added at a rapid pace (including non user IoT devices) cyber attacks are also increasing at a rapid pace. While centralized cloud computing is prone to cyber attacks, edge computing distributes processes and applications across different devices, making it much more difficult for attackers to infiltrate your network. With edge computing data that needs to be better protected can be separated from the main data flow and transferred through more secure connections, making that information more secure. 


When data is collected it is only relevant for a very short period of time because our world is changing constantly. This means that when data is coming in it needs to be put to use as soon as possible. It needs to be collected at a high volume, interpreted, and either put to use or it needs to interact in some way that is beneficial to your business. With edge computing more data is being collected, but more relevant information is being given to the data center where it will be useful and anything unnecessary will be filtered out at the edge. 


With edge computing data is filtered through the point of origin for the data and doesn’t need to be filtered at a data centre. This way you have the choice for your business for a blend of edge computing and centered cloud based services rather than buying all-in on one location. This allows you to play the field and see what options are best for your business instead of using just one service provider for your IoT and cloud service needs. Edge computing also puts less stress on your bandwidth because only relevant information is being filtered into your data centre which will support lower bandwidth costs. 


Scalability allows you to choose how broad of a bandwidth your business needs. This allows for lower costs and it is always easy to add more IoT devices if they are needed. With less stress on your bandwidth due to edge computing each added device takes up a significantly less amount of bandwidth space. 

It is clear that edge computing can help any company sort relevant data better and come to conclusions that will help your business. Information is coming into the world at a rapid pace and is widely available so figuring out what your business needs the most is crucial to its success and edge computing is an efficient way to get your business there.


InDerne December 14, 2020

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