Going All-In on Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity has proven to be one of the most important things in a business, especially recently. Many businesses have transitioned to virtual work and spend more time online, which leaves more risk for hackers. This is why going all-in on cybersecurity has been more important recently and will become even more important moving forward. It is crucial to understand what part of your cybersecurity is weak, how hackers have unlimited attempts to access your information, and why having a false sense of security can greatly affect your business.

Weakest Link

Assessing cybersecurity is an important way to understand what steps need to be taken to have the best cybersecurity possible. While assessing, it is important to identify the weak link and find ways to strengthen it. It has been discovered that 95% of security breaches are due to human error, which shows that the weakest link of cybersecurity can be people.

This can be solved by preparing your employees and training them on cybersecurity. If an employee is not prepared to look out for signs of security breaches, they cannot be expected to be able to prevent those situations from happening. Something as simple as someone having a weak password can possibly lead to a whole business getting hacked. Focusing on secure passwords and only giving necessary people access to crucial information can help to decrease the risk when a hacker accesses accounts. 

Unlimited Attempts

When trying to gain access to a business’s information, hackers have unlimited chances to get in. Computer programs can be set up to be constantly trying to guess the passwords that protect important information. It only takes one correct attempt for your information to be breached. This puts an even higher emphasis on making sure everything is locked down. Being aware that your information is constantly being targeted is important when setting up a security system. 

False Sense of Security

Being overconfident with cybersecurity can greatly negatively affect a business. If you are overconfident, there are things that can go wrong because you may not be prepared. 90% of businesses are confident that their cybersecurity works efficiently, but the percentage of businesses that actually are prepared is much lower. If the risk cannot be assessed, then the correct measures cannot be taken to protect information. One thing that can help to cure this false sense of security is being proactive with cybersecurity and admitting that there is work that needs to be done to protect your business’s information. 

All of this information is great when it comes to knowing why cybersecurity is so important. It only takes a single misstep for your security to be lackluster. Crossing everything off of the list of a good cybersecurity system is important to always keep your information protected. To find out how we can help, click here.