Managed Network Services

Full-time I.T. Staff

Peak I.T.’s Managed Network Services can help support any size business that has demands on and limitations with its time and resources (and that’s just about any organization). Working with Peak I.T. is like having a full-time I.T. staff on board at a fraction of the cost. We take care of proactively maintaining every aspect of your network so you can take care of business.

Think your business is too small? Think again! Our services are affordable for any size company or organization. Your PCs and servers can be monitored  for as little as a few dollars per month. The return on investment is invaluable for all of our services. Having Peak I.T. monitoring your network greatly reduces the chance of failure and helps prevent the liability of a costly repair.

Save time, be secure, and focus on your business.



Proactive Network Health Monitoring: We provide health monitoring services so any issues can be resolved immediately before they cost you money through system downtime and a loss of productivity.

Managed Anti-VirusWe provide a completely managed malware and anti-virus solution. We ensure all of your computers have up-to-date virus definitions and are scanning daily to prevent any harm. You never have to worry about your computers’ security protection again when dealing with Peak I.T.

Automated Maintenance: We offer automated routine maintenance for your computers, servers, and network services. It’s like having an I.T. person on staff without the high cost and an on hand department.

Patch Management: We make sure that critical Windows security updates are installed on your servers and computers. This is essential for keeping your investment secure and running optimally for your business.

Auto Healing: Critical networks services sometimes may fail, causing costly downtime and loss of productivity. We automatically perform scripted tasks and procedures to get those services back up and running so you can minimize loss and maximize your time.

Interested in a Network Service?

Power your Network with Peak I.T.

Interested in a Network Service?

Power your Network with Peak I.T.