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How to respond to the rise in ransomware attacks


Cyber attacks are on the rise and specifically ransomware attacks. A ransomware attack is one where a cyber criminal is holding your data and information hostage. These can be crippling to a business, because if the information is eventually leaked, there’s no getting it back. The information is usually taken via malware or access is given internally through a fake email. These pose a real threat to a business of any size. Today, we are giving you some tips on how to respond to the rise in ransomware attacks. 

Everyone is Vulnerable

Knowing that all businesses are susceptible to ransomware attacks is a start. Big agencies like Pipeline as well as locally owned small businesses are targets for ransomware attacks. Your team needs to understand that they are all targets and could be targeted at any time. Let them know what to look for and to not download anything onto their devices if it isn’t a 100% trusted source. 

Secure Accounts 

Securing all of your company accounts is something you must do in order to keep your information safe. This can be guiding your employees on how to make a good password, enabling two-factor authentication, and using a password manager for all of your business accounts. All three of these solutions make it harder to access information and accounts that hold important data. Using these strategies will ensure that your data is protected. 

Be Cautious of what you Download

We have already mentioned that you and your team must only download something if it is from a trusted source. If you voluntarily download something that has malicious intent, even without knowing it, you have the potential to kill your organization. Malware is malicious software that users have to download themselves. Being mindful of what you are downloading at all times is one simple thing that will increase the security of your business. 

Beware of Suspicious Emails

Knowing who an email is coming from is always a good idea. Cyber criminals will attempt to disguise themselves as one of your coworkers or superiors in an attempt to get access to important information. They may also disguise themselves as someone who has or needs information such as a bank or creditor. Looking at the email address that sent the email can tell you if it is a legit email or not. Checking external links or downloadable files in an email to assure that they are what they say they are is also important. This is an expansion on being mindful from our previous tip, but it can very well save your company. 

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. If you can prepare your team so that if you’re targeted your information will be safe. Response time is extremely important to cyber attacks and preparing for them is even more important. If you prepare properly, then there should be no need to worry!