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How to get your team to understand the importance of cybersecurity

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Getting your team to understand the importance of cybersecurity is important to the survival of your company. It can be hard for your team to understand just how important it is. Their jobs can potentially be at stake due to a cyberattack. A shocking statistic states that 60 percent of small businesses go out of business within the first 6 months after a cyberattack. So, getting your team to understand just how important protecting your data is a crucial part of your business. 

Educate but Don’t preach

The first thing you need to do is to understand the difference between teaching and preaching. Set up individual or group meetings and give your team the knowledge they need to set up cybersecurity measures. Once they have the tools and knowledge, just give a hard deadline on when people should have these systems implemented. Check up and let them know that you’re there to answer any questions they have. One thing to remember, don’t preach or get on anyone too soon because the hard deadline is already set. 

Have Clear Rules

Along with a hard deadline, make sure you have a standard set of rules that your company must follow. This can be about sharing passwords, mandating two factor authentication, using a password manager, or any other rules that you want to have set. Making this clear and sticking with them is key to a successful implementation. As the leader, you need to follow these rules to set an example so that the implementation process goes smoothly.

Have Someone to Turn to 

This one is the most important for sustained success. In our first step, we said that you should make your team aware that you are available for any needs that they may have through the implementation process and beyond. Having a point of contact to communicate and help with any problems that arise is essential to success. The point of contact will also ensure that all your employees are staying up to date with keeping all of your information secure. 

Plan for an Attack

No matter how many measures and how secure you think you are, a breach can still happen. While this can be devastating, there should always be a plan in place in case an information breach happens. First, letting your employees know what a cyber attack can look like in the implementation process is a good way to limit risk. The plan is typically handled by your I.T. professionals and has to do with malware detection, address issues, and data theft. 

Having an information breach can be devastating to a small business. Taking the right steps to prevent them before they happen can save your business. For more tips on this or for help getting started, give us a call today or set up contact us here