Why a Company’s Culture is So Important

Culture - Peak I.T.

Gone are the days of people working for one company their entire lives. The average college graduate changes jobs 4 times within their first 10 years out of college. Some studies even suggest that millennials (and soon to be Gen Z) will change jobs 15 times throughout their careers. This makes it challenging to retain talent once you’ve acquired it.

So the question is, what makes them stay? If you pay competitive salaries, it’s the company culture that will help you keep your talent. Do your employees not only like to work for you, but are they excited to show up on a daily basis? Do they form relationships? Are the valued members of a team that works together for a greater goal? All of these are important to culture and today, we’re discussing why. 

Good Environment

This has to do with employees wanting to come to work and enjoying themselves. If you provide a good environment to work in, people will be more likely to enjoy their work. A good environment can mean having a bright office with lots of natural light, an open concept if you are communicating with each other frequently, or any type of setup would encourage an efficient and enjoyable work environment. 

Another part of creating a positive environment would be incorporating incentives and team-building activities. These small incentives and activities are important to take a break from everyday work life and to get to know who you’re working with. They can help with getting to know each other and building mutual trust among your team members. 


It was already mentioned, but a good culture builds trust in everyone. Why would you leave a company when you enjoy being there and trust everyone you’re around? Having faith in working together will make work less stressful and easier to get things done. Knowing you can count on the people around you can make everyone more confident in the job they are doing.


Safety at work is something you may not always think about but has become more important over the last year. While working in an office is typically very safe, making sure you are physically and mentally healthy is also important. A good company takes care of its employees and treats them accordingly. 

While personal safety is important, virtual safety is also important in the workplace. Keeping employee and client information secure is crucial, and having secure passwords is a great place to start. A password management system can help generate secure passwords and make sure none of your private information is at risk. To find out how we can help with that, click here

Better Results 

A good culture yields a better product for your company in the end. If you put the effort into developing a culture that people want to be a part of, then you will have no trouble maintaining talent. All of the efforts that companies are putting into developing a sense of belonging is in an effort to better the end results for the company’s clients. If you treat people right and encourage a good environment they will work harder and enjoy doing it for your company.