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What we learned in 2020

What we learned in 2020 Blog

2020 was a challenging year in every aspect of our lives. Nothing was easy and everyone had to make adjustments in order to stay productive. Making things work wasn’t good enough for most of us though, we wanted to thrive and continue to get better. That included the workspace and we think the world did a great job of making adjustments on the fly and we found out a lot more about what we can do rather than what we can’t. Today, we will be discussing what we learned in 2020.

Remote Work Works 

On average if optimal conditions are given remote workers are 15-40% more productive. This is huge. People are more productive from home and it saves your company money. There is a potential for large amounts of saving and resource costs associated with having a physical office location and the resources associated with them. There was a problem with security, however, when people switched to remote work security became an issue due to unsecure networks and people using personal devices at home. This can be addressed as the cybersecurity world is ever growing and there will be much more news on this as 5g rolls out globally and becomes more available to people. 

Safety First 

Cybersecurity wasn’t just an issue with remote workers. We learned that cybersecurity is more important than we thought because cybercriminals evolved with remote workers and the pandemic in order to target people at home and are now targeting people back to work. For more on how to stay safe while working from home or just how to stay safe in general click here. With cybersecurity education and implementation are the best ways to prevent anything catastrophic from happening with your information. You should educate yourself and your team on the necessary precautions to take in order to prevent a breach from happening as well as implementing a plan on what to do when something happens. Trusting a third part I.T. and cybersecurity company is always recommended if you don’t know much about the world of cybersecurity. 

Be Aware of what you do 

On the side of security being aware of what we do while working from home or at a company location is always very important. This can minimize simple mistakes that can lead to emergencies across the company. You should always be on the lookout for suspicious emails and texts, fake emails pretending to be a coworker or boss, or website’s that aren’t secure. If you are on alert the chances of one of these threats compromising your company are almost zero. 

2020 taught us a lot and we need to take the lessons seriously and improve based upon them. If we do the transition into 2021 and beyond will be smoother than the on-the-fly adjustments that we had to make. Remote working is something that will most likely continue for a long time now that we see that it works, but we need to make sure that the transfer to this is safe and secure for years to come.