The first quarter of cybersecurity in review


This has already been an eventful year so far. A vaccine has been rolled out, a new President is in office, and Tom Brady is still winning Super Bowls. While all of this was happening, the cybersecurity world was abuzz with a few trends that might be here to stay. Today, we’ll be giving you early trends to look for in the rest of the year and beyond. 

Work From Home Attacks 

People are still working from home, and hackers are still targeting them at higher rates. Home networks simply aren’t as secure as office networks which are usually protected to a much higher degree. This lack of security in homes is making at home workers a target for hackers, and this trend has not faltered at all. For more on how to stay safe while working from home, click here

The past is still present

If something isn’t broken, don’t change it. This applies to the people targeting your account too. Malware, ransomware, and other old tactics used by hackers are still being used. Hackers are using these to target your personal and professional documents and information. Staying on high alert and making sure you don’t download any content or respond to suspicious emails is always a good way to avoid these attacks. 


Phishing attempts are always going to be high. The malicious content will be disguised as current events where your information may be required. Current events like vaccine appointments/information, sweepstakes for “reopening” events, and stimulus checks are all things that hackers may use to get your information. Do not give away information on an email unless you requested the email be sent. If you have questions about whether to fill out an online or email form, call the establishment that sent the email or contacted you in some form to be sure it’s safe to give the information. 

What can you do

Reading all of this paints a bleak picture, but there is always something you can do to make sure your information is secure. Call us today to make sure your network is locked down, and your documents are safe. We even offer a daily backup solution. You can trust us to make sure your security is always taken care of.