The Benefits of FileMax Data Back-Up Systems


One of the most important elements of a successful company is data and storage in today’s world. Keeping important files secure and easily accessible is something we all wish we could make happen for our own networks. This is possible through our FileMax Data Back-Up System. Today, we are discussing how this is possible, and what files we are able to keep safe. 

What is FileMax Data Back-Up System?

The FileMax Data Back-Up System is a tool we use to keep data secure and easily accessible for companies we work with. Security with this system is achieved through encrypting all of the data that goes through the system. Encryption is the most surefire way to ensure security for your network. In order for anyone to read an encrypted file, they must have access to a secret key or password that enables them to decrypt the file. If the file is sent anywhere or restored, it is still encrypted so it will always be safe. 

Backing up files is the other most important job our FileMax Data Back-Up System does. Just backing up data on the same device it was created or through auxiliary storage is not the most secure way to backup your files because they pose equal amounts of risk to being lost or stolen. In order to keep all files safe, we store backup files in an off-site location to make sure they will be safe even if the on site backup fails. 

What can we store? 

“What can we store, and how often will it be backed up?” are common questions we hear on the FileMax Data Back-Up System. The first files able to be backed up are documents. This can span from word files, spreadsheets, presentations, and any other files needed in order to help a business run successfully on a daily basis.

The second type of file is an application. We believe that any entries you make on applications that could be shared on a daily basis should always be backed up, protected, and have a copy. These can include emails, calendars, browsing history, social media pages, and operating/system settings. The last type of file compatible with the FileMax Data Back-Up System is media. This is an essential part of any business because media often holds the identity of your company. Media can include photos, videos, sounds, and other important files to your network. 

The second part of the question we often get is how often is the data backed up? This is an easy answer: daily. A daily backup will ensure that anything done on a daily basis will be saved on site and a copy will be saved off site to ensure the safety of the file. For more information check out our FileMax Data Back-Up System Page.