Advice for new cybersecurity workers

New cybersecuirty - blog

Getting a new job can be intimidating, especially right out of college. Opportunities seem scarce even without a pandemic happening. There are ways to make yourself stand out, despite everything going on and we want to help! Today’s blog is helping all of the hopeful, new cybersecurity professionals get into the field and differentiate themselves from the rest. Follow the following tips to make yourself stand out. 


This one is standard across all industries. Making connections is always a good way to get your name out there. It can be difficult when there aren’t many face to face opportunities today. There are things you can do to meet people in this field. Networking isn’t just about landing a new job, it can be for advice, guidance, or a simple introduction to someone in the future who you might even be able to help out.

Ways that you are able to stay connected despite all of the current restrictions are online virtual events/webinars. LinkedIn communities related to your field, and independent online communities that link you with professionals in your industry. All of these can be useful in helping with getting to know professionals and gain invaluable knowledge. 


This may not be the most ideal job right away, but when you volunteer your time to become a mentee or just do something in the technology industry. Real world experience is something that can’t be replicated and it may be worth your time to do some volunteer work in something that might interest you.  

Get Certified 

Now that you have a degree, you’re golden! This might be a great accomplishment, but learning never really stops, especially in an always evolving industry like cybersecurity and technology. This is why getting certifications related to the jobs you want are key in making yourself stand out. These certifications prove that you are able to put in extra work, are motivated to get a job done right, and you will be easier to hire based on your knowledge of job-related skills and activities. 

Make a Plan

Knowing where you want to go is something that this list can guide you towards. If you want to be in cyber security then you can join communities, volunteer, or get certifications that are relevant. Paving the way to make what you want is possible, but you have to know what it is first. Following these tips are a great way to get started!